MYBA Umpires

Umpires have the ultimate control on the field of play. Our umpires are hired to officiate the game and interpret the league rules as set forth by the league. Umpires are not to take abuse from coaches, managers or parents. If there is a call in question, the coach may approach the umpire in a polite and calm manner, however, THE UMPIRE’S DECISION IS FINAL.

Although we do not expect this to happen, the umpire has full authority to excuse any player, coach or parent from the contest. We are still currently interviewing for umpire positions. Anyone 12 yrs or older may apply. Every one who is chosen to be an umpire this year will be required to attend on or our two clinics that have been held this spring.

Registration will have all needed information on the clinics. Please keep in mind that even if you have attended a clinic in the past, you will still be required to go this year! Any umpires from last year or new recruits are asked to call the MYBA hotline or sign-up below.

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