MYBA Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What if my child wishes to play up an age group?

A. MYBA strongly discourages children from playing ahead an age group. Insurance is a large factor involved. We can only insure a child for the age category that he/she falls into. If a child is injured by an older child while playing up, he/she would not be covered under our insurance. If you must play up in a higher age division you will be asked to submit your request in writing and each case will be decided, by the board of directors, on an individual basis. At the very minimum if approved the parents will be asked to sign a waiver of liability before the child starts practicing with the team. WE WILL NOT HONOR ALL REQUESTS.

Q. When is the deadline for registration?
A. Minor 9/10, Major 11/12, Senior 13/14, Hot Stove 8-13/14 – February 15

T-Ball, Farm 7, Farm 8, Senior 15-18, and Hot Stove 15/16 and 17/18 – February 28th

Late fee of $25 applies after these dates. Registrations are not considered completed if payment of late fee is not included. Placement on teams is not guaranteed for late registrations.

Some Hot Stove age groups will close out before the deadline. Please check the Events section for information on your age group.

Q. If I have questions about a certain age group?
A. Please contact the Commissioner for your child’s assigned age group directly as listed under the Front Office Menu.

Q. What is the birthday cut-off date?
A. The birthday cut-off date varies depending upon the division.

Rec Ball and Hot Stove use June 1st as the cut-off date. MYBA will allow only players who are six years old to play “up” in the Farm 7/8 League in Rec Ball. MYBA wil allow players in Hot Stove to play up in an older age bracket as long as there are positions available for all age-appropriate players in that league.

Sting teams play in the Cuyahoga Valley Baseball Association (CVBA). CVBA does allow all players to play “up” in a higher age bracket.

Q. Where does my child play?
A. Recreational Ball Teams will play at various fields within the Medina City Limits, including, but not limited Reagan Park Baseball Fields, Mellert Fields, Homestead Fields, Union Fields, and local school fields.

Q. When does the season begin?
A. Minor 9/10, Major 11/12, Senior 13/14, all Hot Stove Leagues begins on or around April 30th.

T-Ball, Farm 7/8, Senior 15-18 – will begin play Mid May.
Season end is approximately Mid July.

Q. When may a player expect to hear from his coach at the beginning of the season?
A. Hot Stove (All Leagues) – by March 15

Minor 9/10, Major 11/12, Senior 13/14 – by April 06

T-Ball, Farm 7, Farm 8, Senior 15-18 – by April 15

Q. What days of the week are Hot Stove games played on?
A. Every team usually plays twice a week with two games during the week and an occasional game on Saturday. Farm 8 historically has played on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Class H (9/10) and F (13/14) has played on Mondays and Thursdays. Class G (11/12) has played on Tuesdays and Fridays. In past years, Class EE (15/16) and E (17/18) have played on Tuesdays, Fridays, and doubleheaders on Sundays.

Q. What days of the week are Sting games played on?
A. The scheduling of Sting games is done by the team manager with opposing teams’ managers. Sting games do not have set days of the week for games.

Q. How many practices per week are there?
A. All practices, in all leagues, are at the manager’s discretion. Sting and Hot Stove teams may begin practices in January, one-three times per week. Rec Ball teams may practice one-three times per week after the teams are formed in March or April.

Q. How Many Games Does a Team Play?
A. The number of games played by a team depends upon the league and age of the team.

All age groups: Manager’s discretion, dependent upon the number of teams in the league.
The total number will range from 15 to 35 games.

Q. How do I know if my son’s game is rained out?
A. For current field conditions you can check the front page of the website to view the most recent field conditions. Field conditions are normally posted by 4:30 p.m. weekdays and by 9 am on weekends. MYBA’s Hot Line, 330-725-MITT (6488), is also updated each day at the same time with the latest field conditions. MYBA attempts to contact all managers as soon as possible to let them know about field conditions. Sometimes the game cancellation will be a game-time situation, determined by the home team’s manager.

Q. How is the rescheduling of rainouts or delays handled?
A. Within a week after the originally scheduled game, the manager will be notified as to the make-up date. Depending upon the number of games to be rescheduled, the make-up game date might not occur until later in the season. Check your team’s schedule under League Directory for the latest game schedule.

Q. When does the season end?
A. The season for all leagues/divisions is usually over by the 3rd week of July (weather permitting).

Q. When are Sting try-outs?
A. Sting try-outs are held during the last half of August at Reagan Park. Once try-outs are scheduled, an informational notice will be available in the Events section of this website. Players will be asked to fill out an application prior to the try-out. There is no fee to attend the try-out.

Q. How can I sponsor a team?
A. Email MYBA @ and information will be mailed to you, or download the Sponsor Form and mail it to MYBA.

Q. What does it cost to sponsor a team?
Your firm will also receive a “business card” listing on all web pages that will appear throughout the season and a team photo with a plaque. The sponsor’s name will be silkscreened on the back of each player’s jersey.